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AWe are proud to say that we maintain a high standard of workmanship, and are pleased to provide Product Design, Consultation and Production Delivery, according to the needs of our clients.

Established in 1991, in the early days the company gained a reputation for both quality and value for money. Initially, we grew the business around a successful supply of high-volume CNC machined components. Over the years we've expanded our range of service to include consultation and design, and to encompass smaller batch delivery, prototype and "1 off " bespoke conventional machined items manufactured to exacting standards. In many cases, desired solutions have been achieved through reverse engineering.

We believe in investing in the shop floor and have looked to expand production capabilities and to maintain a competitive edge through machinery innovation - building parts to (more effectively) make parts.

A program of continual investment as added to our scope of delivery. We use state-of-the-art CNC Machines and computer systems - from basic Cad-Cam design to 3D advanced Solidworks Modelling.

Demkel gained ISO quality accreditation in 1998, and is currently accredited to ISO 9001 through QAS International Systems.


We believe in the principle of organic growth through maintaining customer satisfaction and qualifying for repeat business. Our highly experienced and qualified staff all aim to meet the very highest, exacting standards that we set for the company.

What We Do

From Black and Decker and Sandvik tools, to the full range of smaller manufacturers, we produce high volume and specialist machined parts to the highest quality design and production standards.

We deliver:

1. Work to customer requirements.
2. Work to deadlines.
3. Delivered on time.

Maintaining ISO 9001 standards. we aim to add a new and progressive dimension to the high or low volume manufacturing process. We also undertake sub-contract work to suit customer needs.

What They Say