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SThe full scope of our engineering service ranges from innovation in product design to machining to exacting standards. Our vast experience in managing production from design to delivery, combine to distinguish Demkel as an industry leader, and the right choice when it comes high volume machining of steel, and exotic material components.

We can recommend design improvements for components and advise on product design. Essentially, seeking to add value to our service by employing our vast experience to assist our clients in every way we can.

If necessary, we can consult on reverse engineering solutions to resolve production issues, or product-related concerns. When required, we produce sample prototypes for trialling new designs, and assist customers every step of the way through the design improvement process - from design concept to delivery of the finished product.

Innovation in machining on the shop floor is the Key Factor that sets us apart and gives us a competitive advantage. By creating our own mechanical components, we increase the work capacity of our machinery. We are also committed to a programme of cost reduction via effective planning and scheduling of work through the machine shop - striving to maximize machine cycle times, and aiming maintain short lead-time delivery at a reduced cost.

What We Do

From Black and Decker and Sandvik tools, to the full range of smaller manufacturers, we produce high volume and specialist machined parts to the highest quality design and production standards.

We deliver:

1. Work to customer requirements.
2. Work to deadlines.
3. Delivered on time.

Maintaining ISO 9001 standards. we aim to add a new and progressive dimension to the high or low volume manufacturing process. We also undertake sub-contract work to suit customer needs.

What They Say